Interim Management and Special Assignments…

By definition a project is a task that is not part of normal day-to-day operations; usually it is a one-off short-term task that will lead to a change in how you do business, and possibly where you do business. Given that such projects tend to be outside the norm they may interfere with day-to-day activities; it may be that staff do not have the necessary project management skills, or that such additional tasks may overstretch them. Furthermore, there is always the danger that staff will feel threatened by the changes or their implications – this may unsettle or demotivate.

Key questions:

What are the overall objectives?

  • Do you have the necessary resources in place – time, budget, people?
  • Do they have the necessary skills? Are they fully committed?
  • Is it necessary to sell the project and its consequences internally?
  • Are there winners and losers – how can any dissonance be mitigated?

I have the experience of such projects and appreciate that many organisations prefer to bring in specialists to assess, co-ordinate and drive through such projects – whether the project involves a change in processes or even a company relocation to new offices.

From project inception to goal achievement; via internal communication and external research, negotiation and management, through the minefield of problems and hiccups that will need to be dealt with – I can help. Indeed, sometimes bringing in an outsider provides a better perspective and a greater sense of importance – it can also take out the politics that can and does impact on projects.

Working with management but with the perspective of an outside, independent expert, I will work with and through you and your people to communicate and achieve the goals that have been agreed and set, and that will take you forward.