There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction coming up with an idea or a new way of presenting something. It is what creative people do, sometimes the inspiration comes in a moment, at other times the seeds of an idea need to be planted, to take root and emerge.

Creativity is the fuel of competitive advantage… particularly so in a world as dynamic and competitive as today's, where competition is coming in new forms and from unexpected places. Of course, there are many from the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' school of thinking, however, those companies tend to be product rather than customer oriented, inward rather than outward focused.

Innovation and creativity can come in many guises, it can involve improvements and tweaks to product or presentation or even processes or organisation. Quite simply, there will always be something that can be improved to better serve the customer and therefore your organisation's longer term strategic goals. If you are not constantly reviewing business, adapting or making improvements, the chances are your competitors are.

The name of the game is to match competencies and resources to business goals, thus fulfilling a real or perceived customer need better than your competitors. The ability to think and act creatively will help to keep you ahead of the game. To see and take advantage of the bigger picture.

  • What are companies in your industry up to - are they market leaders, challengers or followers?
  • Can you learn from them?
  • What are the trends? What do customers want, expect, need? How is their behaviour being influenced? What are the buying dynamics?
  • Do you understand the concept of the learning organisation? The New Product Development process? Effective marketing communications? Market segmentation, targeting and positioning?
  • How can new media like the Internet and multi-media help your organisation?

The services I can offer are diverse, with a focus on creativity… creativity that may give your organisation that competitive edge.

  • Content (copy) - for brochures, flyers, sales literature.
  • Media work - press releases, adverts, advertorials.
  • Web pages and website administration.
  • Reports & Analysis.
  • Design work - newsletters, flyers, banners, logos.
  • Music & and video production / management including creative work, storyboarding, production and editing.